Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Neat Vodka by Anna Blundy

Neat Vodka
Anna Blundy

FAITH ZANETTI is a bad girl done good - a war correspondent whose staple diet is vodka, cigarettes and trouble.

This is the third thriller about her, and after picking this up for a quick dip, I'll be hunting out the first two.

Faith has just arrived in Moscow as correspondent for the Chronicle when she's arrested for a murder that happened when she was 19.

Then, she was briefly married to a seedy but sexy Russian guy. Apparently he's been in jail ever since for the murder.

Her only memory is waking up from being passed out after 15 straight vodkas, covered in blood and being asked to stand as witness to the crime scene of the next-door neighbours, a nice young couple who'd been dismembered by an axe murderer.

Faith, back in the future, goes looking for her ex in the jail - only to find that another ex-friend is pretending to be him and serving his time.

Faith's cynical but naïve - a couple of republics short of a union, as one character puts it - but even she's puzzled by this.

Yes, it's complicated, and it gets more complicated every page, but never mind that, you can't stop laughing. A brilliant book, and as funny as a dicky machine gun.

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