Monday, 24 September 2007

Bad Behaviour by Sheila O'Flanagan

Bad Behaviour
Sheila O'Flanagan
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CHICKLIT queen and ex-dealer Sheila O'Flanagan's done it again. A huge, comfy quilt of a book that you can snuggle down with.

Darcy, Darce to her friends, is a high-flyer, with everything a girl might desire, except someone to share it all.

But Darce is a bit up her own... well, you get the idea. She's still in a fury 10 years later because her best friend stole her best guy.

Said friend Nieve (eww - am I the only one that hates Irish names phonetically rebranded?) has now sent Darcy an invitation to her Huge Big Wedding, the epitome of glorious vulgarity, to said desired ex.

Darce is not a happy unit.

Always best pals, Darcy and Nieve spent their childhood sharing everything.

But Darcy was a little darling, while Nieve had her beady eye on the main chance, making her fortune from early sproghood by doing messages, chores and every kind of job - for a price.

Now Nieve is about to have her big chance - but dealing can lead to double dealing, and she's facing her greatest challenge.

O'Flanagan is an ex-dealer herself, and writes with confidence about the world of finance.

Bad Behaviour would have been three times as good at a third of the size - but then it's the kind of book that you like to dip in and out of, following the girls through to the happy ending you know is waiting.

xxxx and a half stars

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