Monday, 25 February 2008

Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella

Black Swan €??

LEXI Smart is out on a wild night of karaoke and banana cocktails (why? why?) when she falls down a flight of steps and bangs her head.

When she wakes up in hospital, Lexi is a new woman with a new improved life. Apparently.

Instead of bitten nails, she now has a glam manicure. She no longer has the Dracula-style crooked teeth that won her the nickname Snaggletooth.

Rather than her boyfriend being car telesalesman Loser Dave, she's married to a handsome multimillionaire - and she's a company director.

It all seems too good to be true. And since it's Sophie Kinsella who's telling the story (the woman who brought us the Shopaholic books) it's soon proving less glossy than it seemed at first.

Prepare to laugh - Kinsella is on top form in a feelgood book that's the best of chicklit: funny, warm, a great story.

As Lexi discovers that she's now famous for her hard business style, and that her husband loves her as trophy wife rather than for herself, the secrets start to bubble up.

Why do her old friends hate her? Who's the sexy architect who gazes so fondly at her?

Full of fun that will make you go from "Eww" to "Oooh" within pages, Remember Me? deserves its huge sales.

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