Tuesday, 25 March 2008

An Offer You Can't Refuse by Jill Mansell

Headline Review €15.99

CHICKLIT should be funny, fast-moving, with a slightly ditsy heroine who's good at heart - and who always gets her man in the end.

An Offer You Can't Refuse ticks all the boxes. It's so funny that I found myself hooting helplessly with laughter.

And Lola is a heroine worth loving. She's just a kid when her boyfriend Dougie's acid mother, Adele, offers her ten grand to give him up.

She's about to tell Dougie's mammy to go whistle when her adored stepfather confesses that he has run up a gambling debt and has to go on the run from some very threatening ex-best-friends.

Lola takes the money, years pass and she comes home - and meets Dougie again in the most unexpected way possible.

Following her instincts, she saves a woman from muggers, and the woman's grateful husband invites her to a thank-you party.

Her life is about to become super-complicated. But that's nothing new. Add in a glamorous long-lost father, a nerdily tidy guy in the flat next door to Lola, and Dougie's gorgeous but unbelievably sloppy sister, and the mix is perfect.

Oh, and there's Lola's mother, a sweet woman with the clothes sense of a five-year-old and a hairy-jumper, hairy-beardish new man in her life.

True love triumphs all over the case - except when Lola tries to make a match for her mother - and all is well in the end.

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