Monday, 26 May 2008

Confessions of a Demented Housewife by Niamh Greene

Penguin Ireland €14.99
DITSY housewife Susie Hunt is still in the maelstrom of life. She's praying her lovin' man Joe won't find out about her dalliance with the mystery man known only as Lone Father.
She's practising to be birthing partner to her friend Louise, whose love rat partner has scarpered. Louise ricochets back and forth between being a breast-is-best earth mother and putting the kid up for adoption.
And Hollywood couple Anjelica and James Law have relocated to Dublin and their son is in school with Susie's daughter.
Simple enough. But this being Niamh Greene-land, complications are about to start. Soon Susie is in the midst of a web of lies.
Her mother-in-law, Mrs H, mustn't find out that she has a gay son (not Susie's husband, Joe). He, meanwhile, mustn't find out what a hames Susie has made of the family finances.
And that's just the start - by the end of Greene's hilarious romp, Susie and Anjelica are hiding indoors, being stalked by paparazzi, while Joe dishes out the canapés to the paps.
But all Joe really wants - apart from a career as a celebrity chef - is another baby. Unlikely with Susie in a high-powered (but low-paid) job in the movies.
Then there's the sharply-dressed Mafia menfolk arriving from Italy with offers that can't be refused.
Great fun from Indo writer Greene, and sure to be another bestseller.

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