Sunday, 1 February 2009

Missing You Already by Pauline McLynn

Headline Review €14.99
GRITTY isn’t what you expect of Pauline McLynn - Mrs Doyle in Father Ted, and now starring in October by Fiona Looney in the Olympia.
But in Missing You Already she’s taken on the icy subject of Alzheimer’s.
Probably not a good idea in these testing times - look back to the 1930s, when all anyone wanted to see on the screen was the rich having a great time.
Still, she wasn’t to know that someone would pull a loose thread in the economy and the whole thing would unravel.
The story: Kitty Fulton’s job is minding the lost. She runs the ticket office in a train station in rural England, and loves to reunite the absent-minded with their absent possessions.
But at home, her mother May is going absent in another way. She’s hiding the fact that she can’t read the clock, can’t remember if she’s eaten, can’t control her body - or her mind.
And when she finally admits it, she tells Kitty: when I swim out in the Red Sea, don’t try to bring me back.
The new town librarian, Simon Hill, is drifting into Kitty’s life - as she loses one love, she finds another.
Not a comforting read, but a sadly realistic story.
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