Saturday, 28 January 2012

On the bus

Up at the front of th 16A two women were having an intense chat about cleaning products. I tuned in and out, only interrupted by the tooth-chattering vibration every time the driver put his foot on the clutch at stops, instead of putting it into neutral.
Power sprays are the best for showers, apparently, but you shouldn't use them on tiles - too harsh.
Tuned in again, and they were talking about the ad in the back of The Irish Times. "That film The Artist. Have you seen it?"
"Saw the ad; I was saying to Ciaran, but he said: 'I don't know; there's no dialogue. An hour and a half without talking?'
"'Well, that's nothing new to me,' I said. He laughed."

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JJ Toner said...

Last night RTE broadcast the last in the current series of Mrs Brown's Boys. Mrs Brown and her friend were reminiscing about when they lost their virginity. Mrs Brown said, "We were downstairs with his parents. He asked me to go upstairs with him and I did, and we did it there. It was wonderful, and afterwards everyone on the bus just clapped."