Monday, 19 January 2009

Anything for Love by Sarah Webb

Macmillan €12.99
DIVINE Alice Devine is in the pits. No man, no real home, her adorable baby Adam to support.
And a sister who keeps helpfully getting her jobs.
So naturally she moves in with her sister, Grace, and takes the next job offered.
Working as an assistant fundraiser for a maternity hospital lands her into the world of the rich. Older men with younger wives, women built like busty stick insects - but all the same problems as the women whose husbands have less money and more hair.
Her boss is Maud Hamilton-O’Connor, wife of the famous Boothy, and the most famous of Ireland’s charity ladies who lunch. But a bit scatty: don’t let her near the slug pellets when she’s cooking.
Here’s where 93% of readers start guessing who’s who. The other 7% already know, I’d guess.
“Even I knew Boothy,” writes Sarah Webb in this latest hilarious novel. “He was one of Ireland’s richest men… He also had a larger than life personality with fantastic, controversial expressions for everything from SUVs (‘Dublin Dumptrucks’) to the bin charges (‘Sin Bins’), and he was always giving ‘state of the economy’ soundbites on the telly.”
Anything for Love is full of twists and tears and laughs, another solid bestseller-to-be for the Dun Laoghaire writer.
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