Monday, 19 January 2009

Going it Alone by Clare Dowling

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THE HORRIBLE truth is that Millie is 39. She’s had a great time as Andrew’s wife after the last 15 years of flitting and good-timing.
But now she’s married, and her biological clock isn’t just ticking, she’s being deafened by the alarm.
It’s time for serious action on the baby front. But Millie’s husband really isn’t co-operating as he should.
Fair City writer Clare Dowling is the mistress of feelgood stories, but here she’s dicing with danger. But she’s still funny even writing about a fraught subject.
What her heroine Millie hasn’t realised is the unfair rule that at 18 you only have to glance at the postman to be pregnant. But at 39 - when you can actually support the kid - your body’s snarling at you: “You had your chance, babe; forget it”.
And few things put a worse strain on a marriage than the infertility of either one of the partners.
Millie is getting familiar with terms such as ‘ovarian reserve’. She isn’t noticing how much more reserved her husband is.
As Andrew digs in his heels and Millie goes right ahead baby-hunting anyway, their marriage seems to be falling to pieces.
Dowling’s done it again with this entertaining story. Her fans will love it.
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