Sunday, 11 November 2007

Daddy's Girl by Lisa Scottoline

Daddy's Girl
Lisa Scottoline

NAT GRECO is her daddy's little girl, her brothers' little sister and her boyfriend's little woman.

Amid all this diminution it's nice when a sexy colleague in law school brings Professor Nat out to a prison where he's representing prisoners pro bono.

Scottoline fans will be unsurprised when a murderous riot transpires, and soon young Nat is running for her life, with hair hacked and dyed and sporting pink-rimmed glasses - 'like Fugitive Barbie'.

Scottoline doesn't hit her stride until well into the middle of this thriller, but when she does, her ditsy heroine becomes lovable and funny.

There are enough twists to satisfy the most avid gasp-seeker, and even a little instruction as the Underground Railway - the secret slave-smuggling route to Canada - is dragged into the plot by the hair of its head.

One scene where Nat flees screaming - 'they were in a mall. In other words, girl country' - and the mallsters turn on her pursuer in righteous rage will make every chivalrous heart smile.

Perfect train reading, not grabby enough to make you miss your stop, but an entertaining story to pass the journey.

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