Sunday, 4 November 2007

Gomorrah by Susan Knight and Marta Wakula

Susan Knight and Marta Wakula
Fairground Press

IT'S NOT often that writers in Ireland take a risk. Most stay safe within genre, writing chicklit as fluffy and pink as a favourite teddy or haunted thrillers with sex woven through.

But Susan Knight has embraced the dark side with this disturbing collaboration with Polish artist Marta Wakula.

Booting out the concept of any narrative-driven high-concept plotting, she brings us into the desolate world of a city overtaken by a night-black eclipse in which horror roams.

A helmeted policeman sneaks along the streets following a full-breasted woman carrying a child, and we know he's up to no good.

A bearded geisha girl strips before a fairground crowd while a limbless man writhes in her discarded kimonos.

In the interrogation cells, a woman learns to lick the officers' boots and never to call for her lost child.

The illustrations, brutal, almost jabbed on to the page with a savage black line, match the vicious action of the text.

Not a book for café reading, but if you want your dull world turned upside down, this is the one for you. An underground classic contender.

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